Certificazione TUV

Certificazione TUV

In the field of the services, Auto Servizi Sallì has three generetion of activity.Already in 1937 Calogero Sallì on this return by Africa war, he bought a taxi license in his city: Agrigento.

Calogero Sallì, from the first post-war until the early eighty years, continues his activity in Agrigento and province.

Calogero's son, Giovanni, expands the activity and in the 1990 he found Autoservizi Sallì.

Today Giovanni Sallì and his son, Marco, are a reality in the field of the car rental.
They, with them vehicles, offer an service of maximum reliability to a high professional level with competitive prices.

The company Autoservizi Sallì is certified ISO 9001 by TUV